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September 30, 2018
To say we were excited to reunite with Denver Westword for their annual Feast – would be an understatement. We were ecstatic! Not only would it be our second event with Westword (an amazing compliment to our photo booth services), but it would be at Feast!
Feast is a yearly celebration of Denver’s dining and foodie scene. Over 30 of Colorado’s delicious restaurants were present to serve attendees and help them eat their way through the city in one location!
Sometimes our guests need a photo with Vinny (outside of him)
Photograph by Danni Bergren
This event would mark our second major public event with an expected 1,500 hungry attendants. This post features behind the scenes efforts, and beautiful photos from the day of.

Building creativity

A custom event template was created for Westword to mark the date of the event, as well as their beautiful logo for Feast. This is what the photos from our photo booth would appear on. From a visually creative perspective, I love the Feast logo. It’s simple, modern, and says ‘Let’s eat!’

However, when initially printed, I was losing the definition of the cutlery in the background. Something about the opacity of the design that was printing super light and reducing its structure. Fortunately, we repeatedly test these things well in advance before the event! As a solution, I added a ‘drop shadow’ to the logo to really make it pop, and was very happy with the results.

Backdrop love

Shortly thereafter, I was on to create a backdrop. We had done a golden sequin backdrop for our previous event with them. You can read more about that event in our post ‘Denver Westword’s Tacolandia 2018: Our First Big Event with a VW Bug Photo Booth.’ So this time, I decided to step it up with something different.

You would be surprised at how quickly monotone backdrops become when you search for them online. Secondly, they rarely advertised as backdrops. You normally find them under the guise of tablecloths or party decorations. So if you’re looking for something unique, your options become limited very quickly.

Fortunately, DIY is a strategy that doesn’t intimidate me. I knew I wanted something that would remind people of eating outside. I was looking for a pattern reminiscent of a summer barbeque.

So off I went to Joanne Fabrics, and they did not disappoint. Honestly, I had never been to one of their stores before but, man, do they have options! In less than ten minutes, I found a classic red plaid cotton fabric. It wasn’t transparent, so I only had them cut a 5x4 foot square.

I could not have been happier with the result. It was playful, photographed well, and gave me all the picnic nostalgia I was hoping to find.

The morning of the event brought on a seriously frigid yet dry cold front. But in true Denver, Colorado fashion the sun was out by 10:30AM and we were ready to rock!
Having fun making sure our photo booth guests have their props!
Photograph by Danni Bergren
Considering I was working the event and making sure our photo booth and ‘VW Vinny’ was in good shape, I didn’t get to try many of the food vendors. I did have some friends present who would randomly bring me bites though! Here are a list of the vendors that really stuck out on the day of:

Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs

Dirt Coffee Bar

Em’s Ice Cream


The Nickel

Roaming Buffalo Bar-B-Que

In undeniable conclusion, I love being the owner and sole photo booth attendant of Modbug Photo Booths. I am elated at the thought of having the chance to run this business and be part of more events like this one for years to come. From photo template to seeing people smile when they pick up their prints, it’s just the most fulfilling work I’ve ever gotten to be a part of.

Did you catch us at Feast? Was there a vendor there that didn’t make our list? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below! Modbug Photo Booths still has some 2018 slots available for reservations! If there’s a Denver public or private event you’d like to see us at, be sure to get in contact and let us know. After all, Volkswagen’s named Vinny do have more fun!

Denver Westword’s Feast
Photographs by Danni Bergren
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