Top 10 Things to Do in Denver for your Bachelorette Weekend (That Isn’t a Brewery Tour)

October 20, 2018
So you and your closest have decided to take on Colorado’s capital to get out all your prewedding jitters? Well if the goal is to experience it like a local, and skip the famous brew tours, this post is for you. 
The options below range in cost from low to high, and with only a few exceptions, are mainly located in downtown Denver.

Important Warning: Keep in mind that they don’t call it the “Mile High City” because it’s below sea level… The altitude here affects people differently. The air is thinner here, alcohol will hit you harder here, so do your best to drink at least 90 ounces of water every day you’re here. Unless your goal is to be carried home, take my word for it… you need H2O to survive your Bachelorette weekend in Denver!

Now that you’ve gotten the disclaimers, check it out:

1. Upstairs Circus

Upstairs Circus, in the heart of LoDo Denver, is a DIY spot for adults that does not disappoint. You can count on this spot to have something for everyone in your bridal party. Essentially, there is a craft menu that lets you choose from several easy to difficult projects to complete while you’re there. Not only that, but they have fun music and a full bar available the entire time. You can make things like 6-pack carriers, mala bracelets, original wall art, and leather pet collars!

I really love this spot because it isn’t a “follow along as you go” setting. Once you pick your project, you can drink, make and dance as you please! Really provides a great space for girl time, while everyone gets something at the end of it to take home and remember the trip.

The Front of Upstairs Circus Denver Location
Photograph by Upstairs Circus
2. DU Hockey Game

Who likes professional games anyway? Get your casual-night-out jeans on, take the light rail to Denver University, and find cheap tickets to see the Denver Pioneer’s take on an out-of-state team! The rink is recently updated, and it’s just a fun exciting environment to scream “Let’s go!!” at cute hockey players.

Not only that but since it’s on DU’s beautiful campus, you know there are a ton of great bars and restaurants nearby. If you’re in the mood for indulgent munchies, I highly recommend the Fat Shack. But if you’re looking for a more delicate spot, order the Burrata at Asbury Provisions.

3. Picnic in “Wash Park”

Washington Park is Denver’s most beautiful treasures. Nestled in the upscale section of Cherry Creek (one of Denver’s many boroughs) it’s flush with rolling green hills, rose gardens, historical buildings, and small lakes. With a total of 161 acres, you and your bridal party are sure to find a private shaded area for a beautiful picnic.

Stop at whole foods, just a few blocks away, and pick up all the fixin’s for a beautiful charcuterie board and fancy dessert. To get you started the snack items I wouldn’t skip include olive tapenade, roasted red pepper bruschetta, dry cured sausage, sharp cheddar cheese, extra virgin olive oil, green olives, figs, almonds, Italian baguette, and crackers!

If your I do crew is the athletic type, maybe pick up a badminton set or frisbee on the way.

4. Rooftop Concert at MCA Denver 

This is a summer only concert series provided on the swank rooftop of Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art. After 5PM it’s normally about a $5 non-membership fee to get in. Although this ticket doesn’t include the museum’s exhibits, technically you have to walk through the museum to get to the rooftop (just sayin’).

More technically, the series takes place only on Friday’s June 2 through August 25. The museum calls it “B-Side Music Fridays” and primarily features the best of Denver’s emerging bands. So although you’re almost guaranteed to not know the band performing, I’m personally a regular at this event and I’ve never been disappointed.

And even if the band isn’t your taste, there are worse places than the middle of the Denver City Skyline to grab a strong cocktail with your besties.

Photograph by MCA Denver
5. Puff Pass & Paint

Ok, so maybe you’ve been to your local “sip ‘n paint” class, but I bet you anything you’ve never been to a cannabis-friendly one. Puff Pass & Paint was started in Denver and now hosts painting and other creative classes in 10 states across the US. Each class is “Bring your own cannabis” (BYOC) and BYOB! So even if there’s one girl in the group who can’t get down with the ganja, they’re still free to bring their box of wine and have a great time too.

Fun fact: The owner and mastermind behind this successful business is woman and art teacher, Heidi Keyes. In a few short years, she’s been a pioneer in the cannabis industry. All I have to say to that is “Yass, queen!”

Photograph by Red Rocks Amphitheater
6. Hike Red Rocks Amphitheater 

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is the mecca of concert venues. Truly a spectacle to behold, this famous stage is surrounded by giant rock formations, beautiful small trails, and some of Colorado’s wildlife. Only a mere 30-minute drive outside of Denver, in a short amount of time you’ll get there and immediately experience what all the hype is about. Even if you’re not looking for a hike or work out, this is just a fun place to walk around and get a birds-eye view of Denver too.

Or! Maybe you and your ladies want to spring for the true Red Rocks experience and go see a show?

Pro Tip: Take the Bus to Show from Denver! This way you can pregame on your way there, while successfully avoiding awkward looks from an uber driver for taking shots in the back seat.
7. Tea Party at the Brown Palace

That’s right, Diva! I said Tea Frikin’ Party at a Palace! Ok, it’s not a real palace but it’s close enough for this Denver girl. I consider the Brown Palace to be equivalent to the NY Plaza in its heyday. The interior magnitude of this hotel is unparalleled by any other of its kind locally. It is THE place if you’re looking for a fancier afternoon to get dolled up with your hen party to enjoy champagne, mini sandwiches, and colorful macaroons.

Go ahead, let your inner princess go a little overboard. Now is the time to “treat yo’self!”

8. Topgolf

Never golfed a day in your life? Who cares!? Head to Topgolf, get boozy and try to drive a few rounds. This is a casual watering hole to get outside and have a good laugh over the athletic attempts of your amigas. They accept event reservations for small groups of 7-12, which makes it easier for out-of-towners to guarantee a good time.

Did I mention they have a full bar menu and a rooftop terrace with fire pit? I dare you not to have a good time at this trendy driving range.

Local’s Only Tip: If you’re in need of a more affordable driving range without all the bells and whistles (or liquor license), Aqua Golf is an equally fun more laid back alternative more centrally located to Denver.
9. Rockpile Tickets at Coors Field

I’ll be the first person to let you know, I am not a baseball fan. My short attention span doesn’t allow itself to be patient enough to watch the sport… But believe me when I tell you, Coors Field itself is worth the effort.

Firstly, every game offers “rockpile tickets” ranging from $5-$15 a ticket. Secondly, these nosebleed seats give you the perfect perch to catch a beautiful Western sunset over the Rocky Mountains. The stadium isn’t that big anyway. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to see players in their cute uniforms.

Thirdly! Rockpile tickets are suspiciously close to their bar called “The Rooftop.” This is a great outdoor lounge spot to watch or not watch the game while playing adult sized Jenga and a round of cornhole.

View of Coors Field Rockpile Section and Rooftop Bar
Photograph by Coors Field
10. Bluebird Theater 

The Blue Bird” is at the top of the list for small concert venue favorites. Any standing or dancing spot in this place feels extremely close to the band. It’s historical exterior and interior feels a bit like a time machine, which certainly packs in the sound. There are a few reasons why this local spot is included on the list:

1. Its tickets are typically affordable AF.

2. The cover bands that perform here do NOT mess around and bring all the party vibes.

3. It’s central enough to have a few original bars nearby for after and before the musical shenanigans. Some noteworthy go-to’s include Southside Bar, Annie’s Café & Bar, and The Goose.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out this list. Happy to have been your drunken fairy godmother to guide you through an unforgettable girls weekend in Colorado. If I’ve gotten you into more than you can handle, I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

Bonus Group Activity: If you need to get really obvious about your drinking mission in Denver, book a private tour with Pedal Hoppers.

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